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Rich organic garden nutrition, structure, protection, and beauty... create a space you want to be in.  Support local business and connect with a strong growing community.

Located in Greenwich, contact Harry and Joanne Booth for your garden soil delivery or visit their farm for a scoop of compost!

If you are interested in a patio planter, send me a message- my friend makes these cute planters to order- select the box style and color- pick up in Glens Falls!

Protect your garden from pests and create a personal space for reflection and growth.  Contact the Bearded Handyman, Brian in Hudson Falls, for a fence estimate!

Contact Lisa and Franz in Queensbury to get information on custom Amish-made garden beds, and of course Kevin for a loaf of his delicious sourdough!

Creating an arched trellis is a fun (and beautiful) way to take advantage of vertical growing space!  In a few short weeks, they will be covered in beans and cucumbers!

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