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2024 CSA (Community Shared Agriculture)

Full season: $960 Pay in full

(29-week commitment) CSA pickup will begin May 11, 2024 and run through November 23, 2024.

Great option for large families and groups of friends to split the cost.


Weekly: pay as you go. $40/week

Shares from June 21, 2024 through September 21, 2024.



If you are interested in sponsoring a family- please reach out to me.

I have one spot available for the summer season for a family who could use a little boost.  If you or someone you know could use a small share of summer produce- please reach out to me.  You will have the opportunity to visit my garden and fill a box with what's available.  This is a really fun thing for kids to do.  I won't ask about your financial situation.  No judgement- I've been there. <3

Please send me a message to review a contract.

I will pack items for your box based on what is in season. Each week will be different.  The harvest is solely dependent on Mother Nature.  Damage due to natural disasters and heavy pest pressure will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  No swaps or special requests at this time.  I am happy to pack only sweet/mild peppers if you cannot tolerate spicy (serrano heat) foods.

Vacations: You may ‘gift’ your weekly share to a family member/friend while you’re away (or if you know you’re unable to pick up).  Please let me who is coming to sign for your share two days beforehand.

I do my best to remove soil and bugs, however there may be surprises that I miss.  I do not use any chemicals in my gardens. I encourage you to give the food you receive an extra rinse/scrub before cooking.

I have opportunities to pick fresh produce at local farms (u-pick). I believe in supporting small businesses and developing relationships with our local farmers. I will label the items I pick and include the name and address of the farm the products came from. (honey, berries, tree fruit)

Working with new ingredients can feel intimidating. Recipe cards for inspiration will occasionally be included.  Please feel free to share your favorite recipes- with your permission, I will post them to my Facebook page!

I will often include sourdough bread/bagels & eggs.  If you have a gluten sensitivity or an allergy to eggs, please let me know ahead of time.

Terminated contracts: there is no refund for terminated contracts.  If there is a special circumstance, please submit it in writing- some exceptions can be made and partial refunds will be issued.  Failure to pick up your share without notice will result in a documented 'no show'.  Two 'no shows' will result in a terminated contract- no refund will be issued.


If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your share, please let me know immediately so I can make it right.

Anticipated crops


Greens, herbs, lettuce, radishes, turnips, kohlrabi, beets, peas, asparagus, berries

Early Summer

Berries, garlic, tea herbs, carrots, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, beets, ground cherries


Late Summer

Cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, ground cherries, sweet potatoes, flowers, celery, okra, basil, garlic, summer squash, zucchini


Winter squash, pumpkins, dry beans, peas, lettuce, greens, herbs, carrots, radishes, turnips, beets, cabbage, broccoli

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