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Food Sustainability

Know where your food comes from- plan your pantry from seed to harvest.

Let's Grow Together

Are you interested in growing your own food?  Let's plan your garden together!  Take a look at my seed collection and pick out the varieties you'd like to try!  If there's something specific you're interested in that I don't have, we'll find the seeds.

I host a small spring plant sale for brassicas, onions, and herbs.  Tomatoes, peppers, basil, & flowers are sold the week of Memorial Day.  Come see me!


We have farm fresh eggs, sourdough bread & bagels, and goat milk soap bars.

(Soap can be ordered in batches of 20 bars for party favors or to stock up on for the year!)

I wanted to make spaghetti sauce with ingredients I grew myself.  I didn't know anything about frost dates, fertilizer, or pest control... in the years it took me to learn some hard lessons in the garden, I discovered a lot about myself and how broken our food system is.  Wanting home grown sauce sparked a fire in me to take control of my food and encourage others to do the same.

I am an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church- I am able to perform weddings in the State of New York.

I am happy to officiate small intimate garden weddings at dusk.

Let me check out your garden space

Whether it's time, ability, or space- we can grow our own food.


Thank you's

It's great! You gotta ask Aunt Acka to make more bread just like this!

Kaden, 6

Jessica has made my love of growing come back full force and has taught me how to can so I can enjoy my home-grown goods year-round. The love for the outdoors radiates off her and helps ignite your love also.

Kathryn, 38

Skin feels great, smell is mild n pleasant, I even used it on my face!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Crystal, 40

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